Christmas 2017

Better late than never. Our Christmas in pictures –

Many celebrations, many toys, and many memories made. It was a wonderful Christmas for our family.


Catching Up

When Bowen was born, I remember thinking how wonderful it was that we didn’t have to be anywhere or do anything. I’d sit and enjoy those baby snuggles without a care.

Man have things changed! With a 6, 3 and 1 year old we have something almost every night of the week, and I’m sure it’ll only get worse. I’d kill to have just one weeknight with nothing to do so I could soak up some Bowen, Nellie, and Greta snuggles.

Life has been a little crazy, and I certainly didn’t intend on neglecting my blog. Here’s what we’ve been up to –

Bowen finished up his third soccer season. He didn’t have any goals, but he improved tremendously.

We’ve made lots of progress on our new house. Maybe we’ll be in before the new year.

We went on Fall Break to the beach with our friends. It was a little wild with so many little ones, but we were so glad to spend time away from the daily grind.

We celebrated birthdays at the barn. Bowen and Nellie invited friends and family to Gramps’ barn for our annual party. The hay ride and maze get better every year.

Bowen was a bow hunter for Halloween, while Nellie and Greta dressed up as deer. As usual, we came home with too much candy!

We celebrated Bowen’s birthday a few times – that’s what happens when your grandparents don’t live near one another. I can’t believe he’s 6!

And we welcomed a new cousin into the world. Bowen, the baby hog, is ready to go back to Nana and Papaw’s to visit her.

Greta – 12 Months Old

A whole year has come and gone. Our sweet Greta is one year old.


Height: 28 inches

Weight: 19ish lbs



Eating: Still breastfeeding on demand, still very distracted when eating. She eats what we eat always. Current favorites – yogurt, water, green beans, and peas.

Teeth: 8 – 4 on top and 4 on bottom



Clothing: Size 3 diapers. 6-12 month, some 9 month and some 12 month.

Sleep: I don’t think she’ll ever sleep through the night. She’s a good napper though. She’s still taking two naps everyday.


Likes: golf cart rides, being outside, Mommy, other kids/babies, being held

Dislikes: be put down, strangers, anything loud


Moving: She still stands up anywhere and everywhere, but doesn’t take any steps. If she wants to go somewhere she gets down and crawls.

Talking: She’s still not talking much around strangers. Still no new words that she says regularly. She does mimic some.


A comparison from 11 to 12 months.



A comparison of Bowen, Nellie, and Greta at 12 months –




On to the next month.

Greta’s 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Greta’s first birthday a few days early.


We celebrated at the country club. We invited our friends and family to a swim party. We were lucky to have a gorgeous day to celebrate!


She wasn’t the biggest fan of her flamingo float.


Nellie Lou loved it though.


Our shy girl loved hearing everyone sing Happy Birthday to her. She clapped and smiled, and then screamed for the cupcake.


She LOVED the cupcake.



My water baby finally enjoyed the pool once Nana got in to swim with her.


It was a great first birthday party and we’re so thankful for our family and friends who came to celebrate with us.

Life Lately – May & June 2017

I’m way behind on blogging, and, well, everything else. Life with three kiddos is crazy and I’m having trouble keeping up.

Bowen graduated from preschool.


Seriously, how do you get 3 kids to cooperate for pictures? I mean, this is terrible.IMG_0815

We took a trip to Smother’s Park in Owensboro. Hopefully it’s the first of many because the kiddos love that place.


We got a swing set! Well, we share a swing set. We split it three ways with neighbors and everyone has enjoyed having somewhere to play.


The pool is open! We love to swim and we’ve spent almost everyday there so far.


Greta – Eleven Months Old

The countdown is on for Greta’s first birthday, but I’m just not ready for my sweet baby to turn one!


Life with Greta is pretty easy right now. She’s a happy baby most of the time, although some pesky teeth are throwing our sleeping off. She’s content to be held all day long, and enjoys rocking in Daddy’s recliner with Mommy while her siblings play. She’s, as we call her, chill.


Height: 27.5 inches

Weight: 18ish lbs


Eating: Still breastfeeding on demand, still very distracted when eating. I’ve also had mastitis for the second time in Greta’s life, but we’re chugging along and I’ll let her nurse as long as she wants to. She eats what we eat. Current favorites – green beans, applesauce, water from her sippy cup.

Teeth: 6 altogether – 4 on top and two on bottom. Two more have started to pop through on the bottom.


Clothing: Size 3 diapers. All 6-12 or 9 month.

Sleep: She’s still napping and falling asleep in her crib. She still ends up in bed with me, but it’s been later, like 3 or 4 am rather than 1 am. Her crib is in our room due to our current living situation, so I’m thinking sleeping through the night won’t happen until she’s in a room on her own. Wahhh! I’m tired!


Likes: golf cart rides, jumping/bouncing while holding your hands, people watching

Dislikes: being alone, strangers, anything loud


Moving: She is the fastest crawler ever. She’s pulling up on everything, and letting go. She can stand on her own for a few seconds, but she hasn’t attempted any steps.

Talking: She’s still not talking much around strangers. No new words, but lots of babbling.


A comparison from 10 to 11 months.



Here are Bowen, Nellie, and Greta at 11 months.




Greta – Ten Months Old

Our sweet baby is 10 months old – cue the tears from Mommy. Where has the year gone?!?!

Her personality is really beginning to shine. She’s a mostly shy and quiet girl, until she gets comfortable with her surroundings. Then she’s loud and talkative, and in to everything. It’s funny to watch her warm up to the people we see regularly, like her grandparents and aunts and uncle. She’s a sweet, snuggly girl and we couldn’t love her more.


Height: 27 inches

Weight: 17 lbs 6 ounces (she had a checkup last week)


Eating: Still breastfeeding on demand. She gets distracted quickly, and rarely wants to nurse during the day. She nurses all night long, so I guess she makes up for it. Still loving all things green. She’ll eat whatever we eat – like the chicken, cauliflower rice, and mixed veggies we just had for dinner.

Teeth: 6 altogether – 4 on top and two on bottom. Her teeth remind me of my nephews, the top two are rounded and bigger than Bowen and Nellie’s.



Clothing: Size 3 diapers. All 6-12 or 9 month.

Sleep: She’s been napping and falling asleep in her crib. She ends up in bed with me every night. She’s slept through the night 0 times (well one time when she had whooping cough at less than a month old, but that was a really bad thing). It has to happen soon, right?!?


Likes: water – I say it every time, but this child will be an amazing swimmer, Mommy, Daddy, watching kids play, riding on the gator or golf cart, drinking from a cup

Dislikes: being alone, strangers, anything loud


Moving: She’s crawling so fast. She does a mostly normal crawl, but she’ll put one foot up to gain some speed. She pulls up on everything – the windows, couch, toys, Coco.

Talking: She is saying Dada and Mama. She babbles and joins in on our conversations when we’re talking. If we are out in public, she doesn’t say much. She’s our shy girl.


A comparison from 9 to 10 months.



Here are Bowen, Nellie, and Greta at 10 months.




Easter 2017

We started our Easter weekend with our church’s annual Easter Egg Hunt.


Our Bowen hunted with one hand. He sprained his wrist the Wednesday before Easter. Thankfully we only had to keep it wrapped for a few days, and by Easter he said it was feeling much better. I’m sure this is the first of many injuries for our wild man.


Despite his injury, Bowen was the big winner. He found the “prize egg.”


Our littles were up bright and early on Easter morning to see what the bunny had left them.


We attempted pictures after church, but that was a bust. They looked cute in their Sunday Best!


We finished our day hunting eggs at Grandmother’s house.


Greta – Nine Months Old

I’m a few days late – life with three kiddos! The pictures aren’t great because we took them right before bed, and it was a little darker than normal.

This first year of Greta’s life is flying by. I can’t believe I need to start planning a birthday party.


Height: 27ish inches

Weight: 17ish lbs

Eating: Still breastfeeding on demand. This girl loves all things green – broccoli, peas, green beans, lima beans. She’s not picky and we have yet to find something she won’t eat.

Teeth: She’s got quite a mouth full all of a sudden. Two on bottom and 4 on top, although they aren’t all the way through.

Clothing: Size 3 diapers. Mostly 6-12 months, or 9 months depending on the brand.

Sleep: She only wants to sleep if it is right on top of or next to Momma. She also wants to nurse ALL night long. Momma is tired.


Likes: eating, Mommy all the time, sometimes Daddy, bathtime (she’s a future olympic swimmer), Bowen and Nellie Lou, Coco

Dislikes: being alone, sleeping by herself, being hungry, being scared, people laughing or talking too loud


Moving: She’s crawling backward. She’ll scoot a little backward and then sit up, and repeat over and over until she gets to where she wants to be. She’s also pulling up on everything – toys, furniture, and the dog.

Talking: She is still so quiet around strangers, she’s definitely shy. At home she coos, goos, and says Mama and Dada. She likes to babble at her siblings when they are nearby. She will screech so loud it makes your ears hurt, or at least that’s what Nellie says when she does it.

Here’s a comparison from 8 months to 9 months.



Here are Bowen, Nellie, and Greta at 9 months.











On to the next month.