Greta – Ten Months Old

Our sweet baby is 10 months old – cue the tears from Mommy. Where has the year gone?!?!

Her personality is really beginning to shine. She’s a mostly shy and quiet girl, until she gets comfortable with her surroundings. Then she’s loud and talkative, and in to everything. It’s funny to watch her warm up to the people we see regularly, like her grandparents and aunts and uncle. She’s a sweet, snuggly girl and we couldn’t love her more.


Height: 27 inches

Weight: 17 lbs 6 ounces (she had a checkup last week)


Eating: Still breastfeeding on demand. She gets distracted quickly, and rarely wants to nurse during the day. She nurses all night long, so I guess she makes up for it. Still loving all things green. She’ll eat whatever we eat – like the chicken, cauliflower rice, and mixed veggies we just had for dinner.

Teeth: 6 altogether – 4 on top and two on bottom. Her teeth remind me of my nephews, the top two are rounded and bigger than Bowen and Nellie’s.



Clothing: Size 3 diapers. All 6-12 or 9 month.

Sleep: She’s been napping and falling asleep in her crib. She ends up in bed with me every night. She’s slept through the night 0 times (well one time when she had whooping cough at less than a month old, but that was a really bad thing). It has to happen soon, right?!?


Likes: water – I say it every time, but this child will be an amazing swimmer, Mommy, Daddy, watching kids play, riding on the gator or golf cart, drinking from a cup

Dislikes: being alone, strangers, anything loud


Moving: She’s crawling so fast. She does a mostly normal crawl, but she’ll put one foot up to gain some speed. She pulls up on everything – the windows, couch, toys, Coco.

Talking: She is saying Dada and Mama. She babbles and joins in on our conversations when we’re talking. If we are out in public, she doesn’t say much. She’s our shy girl.


A comparison from 9 to 10 months.



Here are Bowen, Nellie, and Greta at 10 months.





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