Greta – Eleven Months Old

The countdown is on for Greta’s first birthday, but I’m just not ready for my sweet baby to turn one!


Life with Greta is pretty easy right now. She’s a happy baby most of the time, although some pesky teeth are throwing our sleeping off. She’s content to be held all day long, and enjoys rocking in Daddy’s recliner with Mommy while her siblings play. She’s, as we call her, chill.


Height: 27.5 inches

Weight: 18ish lbs


Eating: Still breastfeeding on demand, still very distracted when eating. I’ve also had mastitis for the second time in Greta’s life, but we’re chugging along and I’ll let her nurse as long as she wants to. She eats what we eat. Current favorites – green beans, applesauce, water from her sippy cup.

Teeth: 6 altogether – 4 on top and two on bottom. Two more have started to pop through on the bottom.


Clothing: Size 3 diapers. All 6-12 or 9 month.

Sleep: She’s still napping and falling asleep in her crib. She still ends up in bed with me, but it’s been later, like 3 or 4 am rather than 1 am. Her crib is in our room due to our current living situation, so I’m thinking sleeping through the night won’t happen until she’s in a room on her own. Wahhh! I’m tired!


Likes: golf cart rides, jumping/bouncing while holding your hands, people watching

Dislikes: being alone, strangers, anything loud


Moving: She is the fastest crawler ever. She’s pulling up on everything, and letting go. She can stand on her own for a few seconds, but she hasn’t attempted any steps.

Talking: She’s still not talking much around strangers. No new words, but lots of babbling.


A comparison from 10 to 11 months.



Here are Bowen, Nellie, and Greta at 11 months.





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