Easter 2017

We started our Easter weekend with our church’s annual Easter Egg Hunt.


Our Bowen hunted with one hand. He sprained his wrist the Wednesday before Easter. Thankfully we only had to keep it wrapped for a few days, and by Easter he said it was feeling much better. I’m sure this is the first of many injuries for our wild man.


Despite his injury, Bowen was the big winner. He found the “prize egg.”


Our littles were up bright and early on Easter morning to see what the bunny had left them.


We attempted pictures after church, but that was a bust. They looked cute in their Sunday Best!


We finished our day hunting eggs at Grandmother’s house.



Greta – Nine Months Old

I’m a few days late – life with three kiddos! The pictures aren’t great because we took them right before bed, and it was a little darker than normal.

This first year of Greta’s life is flying by. I can’t believe I need to start planning a birthday party.


Height: 27ish inches

Weight: 17ish lbs

Eating: Still breastfeeding on demand. This girl loves all things green – broccoli, peas, green beans, lima beans. She’s not picky and we have yet to find something she won’t eat.

Teeth: She’s got quite a mouth full all of a sudden. Two on bottom and 4 on top, although they aren’t all the way through.

Clothing: Size 3 diapers. Mostly 6-12 months, or 9 months depending on the brand.

Sleep: She only wants to sleep if it is right on top of or next to Momma. She also wants to nurse ALL night long. Momma is tired.


Likes: eating, Mommy all the time, sometimes Daddy, bathtime (she’s a future olympic swimmer), Bowen and Nellie Lou, Coco

Dislikes: being alone, sleeping by herself, being hungry, being scared, people laughing or talking too loud


Moving: She’s crawling backward. She’ll scoot a little backward and then sit up, and repeat over and over until she gets to where she wants to be. She’s also pulling up on everything – toys, furniture, and the dog.

Talking: She is still so quiet around strangers, she’s definitely shy. At home she coos, goos, and says Mama and Dada. She likes to babble at her siblings when they are nearby. She will screech so loud it makes your ears hurt, or at least that’s what Nellie says when she does it.

Here’s a comparison from 8 months to 9 months.



Here are Bowen, Nellie, and Greta at 9 months.











On to the next month.

Greta- Eight Months Old

Where has the time gone?!?! Our littlest is 8 months old.


She’s still a very needy, clingy baby. She wants to be on Mommy’s hip all day and night. She loves Bowen and Nellie, and is seriously sad when they aren’t around.

She’s very shy. If a stranger, or someone she hasn’t seen in a while, says anything to her she lowers her head in the sweetest way.


Height: 27ish inches

Weight: 16ish lbs

Eating: Still breastfeeding on demand. Her very favorites food seems to be broccoli. She attacks a floret like I’ve never seen.

Teeth: Two tiny little bottom teeth have popped through. 4 more seem to on their way on the top.

Clothing: Size 3 diapers. Mostly 6 month clothing. Some 6-12 month.


Likes: mommy, bathtime (she still swims in the tub – she’s a future olympian), Bowen and Nellie Lou

Dislikes: being alone, sleeping by herself


Moving: She’s sitting up solidly on her own. She’ll roll to whatever she wants. I don’t think crawling is too far off.

Talking: She’s like a little pterodactyl. She screeches when she’s happy, mad, sad, whenever. She babbles quite a bit – mostly dada and baba, but rarely in public, she’s quiet around strangers.

Here’s a comparison from 7 months to 8 months.



Here are Bowen, Nellie, and Greta at 8 months.



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Life Lately – January 2017

Our life lately in pictures-

We visited our favorite photographer, Studio 929, to have the kiddos pictures taken. They are amazing at what they do, and always capture great images of our crazy family.





Our neighbors had a Super Bowl party.


Bowen is going through a clothing rebellion. He wants to dress himself, hence the camo bogs and huge shirt.


Potty training has begun. That sweet baby is afraid she’s going to pee and poop everywhere so she carries the potty underneath her all day. She doesn’t want to get anything dirty. I’m hoping I’ll have in her undies full time by Spring Break.


School was cancelled last week because of sickness. Thankfully my crew has been healthy, but we stayed indoors all week to avoid the germs. We enjoyed some down time and did lots of coloring, playing, and learning together.


Greta – Seven Months Old

Our Greta is 7 months old today.


Our sweet Greta has become a clingy baby. She loves her Momma, and sometimes, only Momma. She’s pretty much always attached to my hip. She loves her brother and sister, and is the most fussy when they aren’t around. They definitely keep her entertained.


She’s started to babble. She makes the sweetest noises, which Bowen and Nellie love. They swear she says Bubba, but I’m pretty sure it’s just ba ba.


She’s had another month of sickness, although thankfully it was just a very runny nose and cough. She seems to be on the mend, and we think some of her congestion could have been teething.


Height: 26 inches

Weight: 15 lbs 10 oz

Eating: Still breastfeeding on demand, and trying new foods everyday. She likes peas, carrots, squash, green beans, sweet potatoes, crackers, apples, and pancakes. I’m sure we’ll try even more this month.

Teeth: 1 finally popped through on the bottom. I can tell the one

Clothing: Some 3-6, some 6-12 and size 2 or 3 diapers


Likes: mommy, bathtime (she seriously swims in the tub), sitting up to play

Dislikes: loud noises, the car seat, bedtime, being alone


Moving: She’s sitting up on her own. She’ll occasionally flop over on her belly or fall back, but only when she’s being wild. She likes to roll to whatever it is that she wants.

Here’s a comparison from 6 months to 7 months.




Here are Bowen, Nellie, and Greta at 7 months.



On to the next month.

Big Bad Whooping Cough

I’ve been considering sharing information about Greta’s diagnosis of Pertussis. I see so many people posting information on Facebook and Instagram about RSV, and most often they’re sharing to help other parents recognize symptoms or to remind people to stay home when they’re sick. Surprisingly, I’ve seen very little information about Pertussis other than the big bad wolf commercials that urge the public to receive the vaccination booster. Here’s my Public Service Announcement.

At the beginning of August our Greta began coughing. Not just a barking cough, but almost like something was stuck in her throat. Baker and I would look at each other in worry during each coughing spell.

Those coughing spells became more and more frequent. I started to wonder if she may have silent reflux.

That weekend we went to a wedding and took Greta along since she was still sleeping all of the time. During the reception she had a coughing spell. The room full of rowdy wedding guests became absolutely silent. Everyone stopped to stare in worry. I knew then that something was very much wrong.

Baker and I decided to call the pediatrician’s office first thing Monday morning. We expressed our concerns and they told us to come in immediately. I had videoed Greta’s coughing to show the doctor, just in case she didn’t cough while we were there. Thankfully, Greta’s lungs sounded clear and our doctor tested her for RSV and Pertussis. We were sent home with precautionary antibiotics to treat for Pertussis, but thought that the test would most likely be negative since the doctor didn’t seem too worried.

I decided to go home to my parent’s house after Greta’s appointment on Monday. I wasn’t sleeping at night because I was so worried and Greta was sleeping on my chest, not to mention I had two other children to care for. We watched and worried as Greta’s coughing seemed to get worse.

I think it’s worth noting that it takes a lot for me to go to the doctor or hospital (I showed up at the hospital nearly ready to push (8 cm) with my last baby). I’m not one to take my kiddos in for every sickness, as I feel some things need to run their course. But this was scary and we called the pediatrician’s office numerous times after her tests in worry. They’d advise us to take her to the hospital if we felt the coughing was worse, but our nerves would calm as her coughing spell would end, and we’d talk ourselves out of going to the nearest ER.

Late Friday night our pediatrician called. Greta’s culture was positive for Pertussis. Our pediatrician urged us to take her to a hospital for observation. We packed our things and headed for home to take her to a local hospital. Our pediatrician warned us that she may need to be ventilated and possibly flown to a hospital better equipped to care for infants.

We’re so glad to say that after observation, blood work, and x-ray, we were able to take our Greta home. We had treated the best way possible and early with the proper antibiotic. Our family also was treated with the proper antibiotic as a precautionary measure.


Greta could have caught Whooping Cough anywhere, but during her bout with it there was an increase in cases in Northern Kentucky, which we had visited when Greta was just a mere two or three weeks old. The infectious droplets incubate for 7-10 days, so the timing fits and our trip home could have been the source of her illness. After speaking with someone from the local CDC I learned that vaccinated children can still be infected and pass along the illness, and most often mothers pass the illness along to their children. Thankfully I, nor my other children or husband, had any symptoms prior to or after Greta’s diagnosis.

I also learned that pregnant woman should receive the TDAP booster during each pregnancy. My daughters are 22 months apart, and during my last pregnancy I was not given or offered the TDAP booster.

Our story could have ended so differently, as whooping cough can be deadly in infants, especially under 3 months. We dealt with some weight gain issues, as she simply was too tired from all the coughing to eat. Thankfully she has met her developmental milestones, and slowly gained weight.

Here are a few videos of Greta coughing. While they are scary and awful to listen to, I want to share so that other parents can hear and see what Pertussis sounds like in a newborn. Maybe we can help other parents recognize the symptoms.

Christmas 2016 – Part 2

After our Muhlenberg County fun we headed up to NKY to celebrate the holidays with our family. 

We had an early Christmas celebration with Uncle Mike and Donna. My kiddos loved their new puppy. 

On Christmas Eve we had our usual celebration with my Moms side of the family. 

The little girls reluctantly took a sweet picture. Buying them matching clothes is seriously the best thing ever, I just need to convince Harper to agree. 

We played with cousins we only see this one time a year, and opened a few presents. 

Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for Santa. 

My sweeties slept until 8:00 am on Christmas morning. Once their eyes popped open, they were ready to see what Santa brought them. 

We spent the morning opening presents and spending time with family. 

Nellie Lou got lost in a wrapping paper pile or two. 

We watched a few movies and enjoyed a lazy Christmas Day. 

We already took down our Christmas decorations, and my kiddos can’t stop talking about all the fun we had on Christmas. It’ll be hard to top the fun of this year. 

Christmas 2016 – Part 1

We started our Christmas celebrations early in December. 

We had Christmas with the Watkins side of the family first. Bowen’s favorite gift was an awesome army helmet. It has been worn everywhere – church, the grocery store, and road trips. 

We spent the night in Greenville and Gramps helped put toys together early in the morning. 

Bowen had a Christmas party at school and they had the sweetest nativity performance. Bowen played the part of the cow. 

We celebrated Christmas with the Gardners the weekend before Christmas. Nellie Lou came down with an awful cold so she wasn’t up for many pictures but did enjoy opening presents. 

Kait Kait and the kiddos made their gingerbread house, and they are their weight in candy.

Bowen got the lego set he’s been dying to have, and Nellie Lou got baby dolls that she’s asked for for months. 

Greta loved the Matilda Jane teepee. 
Kait Kait got the boys G & G farms apparel, which everyone loved. It was a great Christmas celebration. 

Greta – Six Months Old

Our Greta Grey is 6 months old. 

She’s really grown up over the last month. She’s interacting more which keeps us on our toes. She’s quick to grab at anything in front of her, including hair or your dinner plate. She loves to roll around on the floor, but you better stay close because she’ll roll away quickly. 

Weight: around 15 lbs

Height: around 26 inches

Eating: she’s breastfed on demand, and we started solids. She tried mashed carrots, potatoes, cracker, and rice cakes.  We’ll try lots of new foods this month.

Teeth: 0. She’s always drooling but not a tooth in sight. 

Clothing: 3-6 and size 2 diapers

Likes: mommy, her playmate, her toes, taking a bath

Dislikes: loud noises, the car seat, bedtime, being alone

Here’s a comparison from 5 months to 6 months-

And here’s Bowen, Nellie, and Greta at 6 months –

On to the next month.